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The BRE (Building Research Establishment) publish a Green Guide to specification which remains copyright to them, note the (and yes, noted this technically infringes it) which is not for use outside of BDG architecture + design. The green guide is part of BREEAM (Building Research establishment Environmental Assessment Method). NB:Copyright: All information in the Green Guide to Specification online is copyright BRE Global Ltd. No user of the Green Guide has the right to publish information in any form, from the Green Guide online. The website content remains copyright of BRE Global Ltd and any third party publication must first obtain the written permission of BRE Global Ltd.


First published 1996 as a simple technical guide for the impact of building materials
Part of BREEAM
Contains 1500 specifications
Updated to reflect change in production and growth in knowledge of impact materials have
Explores materials in six classifications:
- Commercial buildings / offices 
- Educational 
- Healthcare 
- Retail 
- Domestic
- Industrial

Accredited system – recognised the world over (see also LEED the American system)
Rankings based on Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), using BRE's Environmental Profiles Methodology 2008

Materials and components are arranged on an elemental basis so that designers and specifiers can compare and select from comparable systems or materials as they compile their specification.  The elements covered are:
- External walls
- Internal walls and partitions
- Roofs
- Ground floors
- Upper floors
- Windows
- Insulation
- Landscaping
- Floor finishes

The specifications are set out in an A+ to E ranking system, where A+ represents the best environmental performance / least environmental impact, and E the worst environmental performance / most environmental impact.  


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