BDG architecture + design

Changing the Square

BDG were invited to the University of East London to offer their thoughts and advice on Year 3 Interior Design students mid-year projects.

The brief set was titled, Changing the Square, “An exercise in exterior as interior, micro-architectures, public and private space”.

Students were asked to re-imagine an existing space on the UEL Docklands campus by designing particular micro-architecture into it. The outcome had to have a primary function but also had to add additional social space mechanisms that would enhance the experience of UEL students.

Students carried out questionnaires to gather information on how people thought their chosen space could be improved and how the space is currently used. Throughout their design process they also asked themselves multiple questions through analysis, drawing, sketching and model making.

Their outcome could not be any larger than 20m2 but, could be any shape, height and material. This project allowed the UEL students to push and further develop their ideas which created some amazing outcomes.

We would like to thank the University of East London and their students for the invitation.

To view more information about the course offered at the University of East London, please visit their website.