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 Greensill’s aspirations for their new space was for their London Office to have a comfortable feel; respectful to the building’s history and a place where they can be focused in their work; to meet people and to collaborate.

 They have an open plan culture which was very important to maintain with the design of their space and in relation to their future growth. BDG has future proofed their space so they will still work well as a team as they expand, with enough space and areas to take calls/small meetings. Careful consideration was given to the arrangement of people, functions  and communication between the 3 floors.

 Wellbeing is an important factor to the team at Greensill and the design supports this by providing for a variety of worksettings that encourage the team to move around the office and offers a plentiful supply of breakout areas.

The Facts - Client: Greensill | Size: 960 sqm | Location: London | Status: In-Progress | Year: 2019 

Key Features - The board room features a

Opinion -

greensill 01.png
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