BDG architecture + design

Hope Street

Our brief asked for a full interior refurbishment of the former House of Fraser store in Edinburgh’s vibrant tourist hot spot of Princes Street, a Grade B listed building which sits within and near the boundaries of several local, national and world conservation heritage sites.

The refurbishment of the building needed to provide a combination of ‘best in class’ Cat A work space as well as retail space at street level. Whilst being respectful to the heritage of the building, BDG planned to increase the NIA with sensitive structural alterations, introduce a new core and lifts, add an additional level with a roof extension and relocate rooftop plant and services to the basement.

The over arching concept was a continuation of our work done at competition stage and developed the idea of a ‘Raw and Refined’ aesthetic. Through the detailed historic studies the proposal aim was to strip away later additions or exploit them by remodelling or altering them, to the benefit of the final scheme.

New additions would be honest and modern but sympathetic to the neo-classical backdrop of the existing building in their scale, modulation and material.

BDG successfully achieved a NIA of over 5,000 sq ft.

The Facts - Client: Parabola | Size: 5,242 sqm | Location: Edinburgh | Status: Concept | Year: 2019 

Key Features - Earlier parts of the building fabric were to be retained as far as practical and either reinstated and refurbished, as in the case of the bank telling hall, or revealed and exposed, as in the case of typical office floors.

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