BDG architecture + design

Engaging the Future

Mentor Graphics is a leader in electronic design automation software. They enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost effectively.

BDG has been working with their property team on their strategy and design for over 10 years involving many of their worldwide offices, but particularly through UK and Europe.

Following a review of their current premises and expansion requirements, it was decided that the Katowice operation was to relocate to a new office. By 2023 they anticipate a headcount of 380 and the design of their new workspace incorporates their current staff numbers with a view to supporting the 2023 capacity without taking additional space.

The design of the new workplace is modern, simple and reflects their need for teams to be aligned and supports their work with better collaboration.

Creating visual connectivity, both horizontally and vertically was an important aspect of the new office design. The new stair linking the floors allows building occupants to appreciate both activity and the other staff beyond their current working floor. The landings are seen as an advantage as they allow further views into and across the floors and encourage impromptu conversations between staff.