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Two parallel buildings, both narrow and stretching 240m along one of Milan’s canals will become home to 2,300 WPP employees. The larger and older of the two, with a traditional industrial saw-tooth roof; the newer and smaller building built to match its predecessor, but was topped instead by a barrel roof.

In BDG’s design, this in-between space is cleared, keeping only two towers containing lifts and stairs. The connection is then covered by glass, repeating the saw-tooth roof shape, but now pulling and stretching the form in places to create new and varied volumes and hidden from the outside by the buildings on either side which does not disrupt the area’s historic integrity.

The result, a vast communal space on to which every tenant will have it’s own access creating a place to encounter neighbours and casual conversation between peers.

The Facts - Client: WPP Real Estate | Size: 16,800 sqm | Location: Milan | Status: In-Progress | Year: 2019 

Key Features - Retained interior spaces opening out onto a new glazed atrium between the two existing buildings. 

Opinion -

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