BDG architecture + design


Briefly known as the “Horseshoe Court” due to the buildings unusually shaped footprint when it first opened in 1989, the FT offices has been an iconic landmark on the Southbank way before the opening of the Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe.

Wrapped in a black glass facade which reveals little about the interior, BDG plan to remove all external features and to replace the facade with a lighter and transparent glass which is coherent with WPP’s culture and mission statement.

Respectful to the viewing corridor constraints of St Pauls, BDG aims to match the height of neighbouring buildings which will allow for an additional three stories extending the height of the building to 45m.

The Facts - Client: WPP Real Estate | Size: 21,455 sqm | Location: London| Status: In-Progress | Year: 2022

Key Features - A black box theatre, able to seat up to 600 people, on the ground floor will be available for internal and external companies to hire with direct access from outside into the theatre which will remove restrictions and limitations for future presentations.

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