BDG architecture + design

Serpentine Pavilion Exhibition

Annually, BDG visit the Serpentine Gallery within Kensington Gardens to view the Pavilion which is designed each year by a different architect.

The Japanese architect Junya Ishigami, celebrated for his experimental structures that interpret traditional architectural conventions and reflect natural phenomena, was selected to design the Serpentine Pavilion 2019.

Using 61 tonnes of slate to create a roof may not look out of the ordinary however, look beneath and the 106 wire-thin columns holding it aloft makes the structure look as if it is floating.

Stone roofs are something that you can see all over in the world, within different cultures and far back in history which suggests that architecture should occasionally look at it’s history for inspiration.

BDG found this year’s Pavilion inspiring and challenged our approach to design and architecture although, some of the team thought that the structure looked similar to a birds wing or a dark cloud.

Visit the Serpentine Pavilion from June 21 - October 6 2019