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Relocating to the regenerated area of Paddington, Sony Entertainment will be moving their four departments (International TV Production, Theatrical, Corporate and TV Networks) which contains over 500 members of staff to the Brunel building.

Sony Entertainment asked BDG to create an agile ready work environment for them to be able to develop and grown within. 

After speaking with key stakeholders of Sony Entertainment, BDG understood that the workspace needed to be a celebration of its people and the amazing work which they do. Their new workspace must honour the past but to also look to the future. A setting which reflects the best image of Sony Pictures from the biggest idea to the smallest detail.

The Sony Pictures Entertainment fit-out takes subtle references from the building’s external diagrid geometry, building on the forms and celebrating the concrete ‘blocks’ which make-up the building cores. The design exploits the column-free space leaving almost all corners of the floor plates open to take advantage of the amazing views across London in all directions.

The centre core of each floor is where the main lifts and toilets are located with emergency exits located at the cores either end of the floor. This created one of our biggest challenges which was how to incorporate meeting rooms, print rooms and focus areas without disturbing the original structure. BDG’s approach was to cluster these services within blocks together so that we weren’t interrupting the building design. Consciously leaving each corner of the building empty and placing the ‘cluster’s’ away from the main core in order to make them feel like free-standing elements and almost micro-architecture within the building.

The Facts - Client: Sony Entertainment | Size: 7,172 sqm | Location: London | Status: In-Progress | Year: 2019 

Key Features - The physical space of the Brunel building is made up of irregular but identical floor plates which BDG will connect with an internal staircase.

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