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Work Transformed

BDG has published their book ‘Work Transformed’ on the importance workplace design has on productivity and health, a subject that is as strong as ever. Great spaces encourage improved employee satisfaction, engagement and morale.

This book is a collection of short stories surrounding the design and construction of 22 different BDG projects across Europe.

‘Work Transformed’ is available on Amazon here.

“I admire the ordinariness of what BDG does.  And that’s not meant to sound snitty : excellence in design is defined, at least by me, as the ordinary thing extraordinarily well done.  After a generation of absurd, pharaonic, look-at-me architectural posturing by autograph big-heads, it’s refreshing to find a handsome, understated album dedicated to the pleasures of the quotidian workplace.  I guess that makes it exceptional.” - Stephen Bayley

“BDG is at the forefront of global architectural trends yet it can still think locally; it can be, as is this book, innovative yet closely attached and connected to what has gone before. The work of the modern architect of necessity needs to take into consideration the needs of the planet, to be ‘green’, without any of the perjorative associations of the word.” - James Nicholls

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